DataBioSys Delivery Model

Most company projects cost more than expected, take a long time to get up and running and require extensive staffing and training. The current experience within the DataBioSys team has lead to the formation of a successful hybrid delivery model that eliminates the usual pitfalls.

Using DataBioSys, based on the existing client infrastructure and requirements, they can begin to see results within one to three months of implementation. Our approach to software development and deployment means that no new IT system is installed on the client infrastructure. Most connectivity to the existing databases and also other forms of transferring data are already in place which will only need configuration from the client to get them up and running; no additional programming or implementation will be needed. From the client side, minimal IT resources are needed; also minimal need for dedicated utility staff to assist with implementations, thus an accelerated turn-around time.
Results are deployed via a web-browser interface, which gives approved users the facility to view data once the system has been configured. We have a standard interface display that will show the normal facilities of the existing system but also provide the capacity for bespoke user interface to suit the client. There is also no need to learn a new system in order to understand the results. This means most clients are up and running as soon as they start seeing results on the interface.
Many clients have sensitive data and would like to have full transparency and control of their data. With this in mind, DataBioSys was developed to ensure that data is not transferred from their existing location (i.e. within the clients existing infrastructure) and any required manipulation or history of the data lifecycle can be easily monitored or traced back if required

We seek long-term successful partnerships with our clients, and that first requires building trust and confidence in results. In accordance to this; we prefer to initiate new engagements by offering low-cost, quick turnaround results that help pay for the solution and enable us to work together to pursue broader value and a long-term relationship. We start simple with manageable and feasible increments for providing immediate impact for business users.