DataBioSys Technology

The DataBioSys system was designed using modern development techniques and other established open source applications, which has been customized and secured to meet our desired requirements. Our solution was built to have enterprise scalability using enterprise-grade architecture; leveraging design patterns to support security, scalability, flexibility, performance and configuration.

The DataBioSys system is built with client data as its core for processing. This has lead to development of a core set of input interfaces to load data from various sources including databases (SQL Server, Oracle, etc), Excel spreadsheets, etc. A core engine for consuming, consolidating, enriching and validating the data; and a set of output interfaces to send data to different destinations. This enables us to integrate DataBioSys into most clients’ existing infrastructure, which in turn saves the client the cost and time needed for new infrastructure and installation
With client requirements being its core focus, the DataBioSys system gives high priority to configuration of client requirements, which in turn accommodates change and also caters for bespoke client needs.

As a result, configurable rules engine and bespoke client user interfaces are available to the clients.
The DataBioSys system was designed to support large volumes of data regardless of its source or type. Our entire Architecture has been designed to be able to load, store, process and present very large amount of data in a format desired by the client. For a typical client with millions or billions of data stored in multiple terabytes of data storage, DataBioSys can help make sense of stored data whilst managing the data within the clients existing infrastructure.
Due to the sensitive nature of data, security is taken very seriously. We employ industry best practices to ensure the absolutely highest level of security possible. Because DataBioSys will be deployed on the existing client infrastructure, clients are assured their data is fully within their control hence reducing any risk relating to data loss or theft.
As the software industry moves toward a cloud computing based architecture, DataBioSys solutions are provided on premises and in the cloud. By providing our software as a service, our clients will save on hardware costs and they will have their system up-and-running in days instead of months. Our SaaS offering can scale to accommodate multiple users without any downtime.