DataBioSys Solutions

DataBioSys solutions do not only give clients a platform to make sense of their data but it gives them the opportunity to organize their data how they see fit. It also gives them the facility to create bespoke reports from various data sources; ensuring the correct data is reported appropriately and also the facility to have appropriate audit of their data processes.

DataBioSys brings together various aspects of data processing to client data. Some of them include:

Data validation can be carried out as a part of the data processing. This can be in the form of the fields having inappropriate formats to mandatory fields missing from the data source. Validation can also be added at different stages during the data processing
Data enrichment can be carried out based on configurable rules that clients have identified to be the norm. Examples of data enrichment can range from the enrichment of static information which cannot be provided from upstream systems or which has been wrongly provided, to the manual enrichment of values by the users to ensure the appropriate values are represented within the data set.
Configurable business rules will give clients the ability to apply rules to the data received from upstream systems and also provides an avenue for managing change should the need arise. Examples of business rules can be identification of transactions that are not reportable to identifying data sources that further data processing will not be required.
The ability to generate reports in any format that may be required e.g. XML, Pipe Delimited, CSV etc. gives the client an avenue for meeting regulatory requirements and also representing their existing data in their desired format. Different ARM’s require data in different formats which makes this feature very useful. Users will also benefit immensely from this feature when there is a requirement for change in existing data formats.
The real strength of DataBioSys is its ability to be easily deployed into any platform, support configurability and provide bespoke results for clients. Its application can be for intra team data understanding and manipulation as well as large-scale data management.